Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Marbella Taxi wars


FIVE Marbella people who have set up a private transport company have had their van burned out after becoming embroiled in a 'taxi war.' The van belongs to a company called Mas Que Ocio (MQOcio) which transports people between businesses, bars, restaurants, cafeterias, gyms and many more, which are signed up to their service. The innovative service is based round an app which is used to call a mini-bus to take clients to their destination. But instead of welcoming the innovative spirit of the business people some taxi drivers have decided the company will take trade away for them. Diego Gonzalez, director of MQOcio said: "The taxi drivers consider us to be unfair competition and are taking justice into their own hands by threatening us with death, insulting us, painting and burning the vehicles which they consider to be competition – all without anything anyone can do to avoid it. "We think that we have the right to work freely given that this is a legal company with all its workers correctly contracted and all the taxes paid." Gonzalez has given police license numbers of four taxis which were seen constantly driving around the area where the van was in the days running up to it being burnt. Victor Vazquez, president of the Taxisol association which most of the local taxis belong to, commented that he thought it was disgraceful that the van had been burnt and stated that the Taxisol association was against violence in any form.

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